March 19, 2012

Dollar Store Dupe's.

About a year ago I fell absolutely in love with Urban Decay's "Gash" eye shadow.  I had seen it many times on musician, Gerard Way and loved the rusty red color.  After finding out the name and brand I quickly went to their website, only to find that they no longer sold it.  I checked other websites (Amazon, e-bay, etc...) but still couldn't find it.  Disappointed, I gave up the search.  Then a few nights ago I began to look for a dupe; the two most popular results being, NYX's "Rust", and MAC's "Cranberry".  I looked at swatches of the eye shadows, and decided that NYX's was a bit closer to "Gash" than "Cranberry".  A few minutes later when I was digging through some of my old makeup, I stumbled across an old pallet.  When I picked it up, I noticed it had 2 red colors.  To my surprise one of them was the exact same color as "Gash". Ecstatic I looked up the website for the company on the label, and located the palette on their website.  It is called the "Color Me Glow" palette, and it comes in 8 different color variations. I have option number 2.  And the price of this palette? $1.49!  It is an amazing price for a great product.  It has very good pigmentation,staying power, and great consistency(not chalky at all)  also the company is cruelty free.  I highly recommend these palettes.

Note: the darker red (middle row, far right) is the dupe. It also looks good if you mix the two red colors.


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