March 15, 2012


My journey started with acne. Oh how I HATED it! 11 years old with a face full of acne. Not just pimples, but these little red dots, thousands of them.  And the worst part, they just wouldn't go away! I tried everything, from drugstore brands, to Proactive, to prescription grade "cures", but none of them worked (not for long anyway) My skin had a tendency to build up an immunity to everything.  Not only was my acne like a giant blinking sign all over my face, but it was also a constant reminder every time I looked in the mirror, a reminder that screamed, "You're hideous!" After years looking for a solution I finally found! At the age of 14 my parents permitted me use of what I then saw as the ultimate solution for my curse.  The one flaw with this, it only made it worse! Tired of my plight, my makeup quickly got darker and heavier, as my hatred for my acne turned in to deep self loathing. It became my way to say to the world, "Back off, and don't look at me!!"  Thankfully I had a network of people who encouraged me to not let the acne define who I was.  Continuing my search, I turned to YouTube and Google.  I began researching different kinds of foundations and products which could help my skin heal. Along the way I discovered a passion for  finding makeup with ingredients that would both cover and repair my skin, and helping other girls who suffered from the same things that I did.  I would spend hours perfecting looks, and realized healthy skin IS beautiful skin, even with a little acne :).  Over the next 2 years I found the products which slowly but surely allowed my skin, and self confidence to heal.  Now I'm taking my knowledge from my 5 year journey, and writing it here for whomever may benefit from it.

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